Hire a tech expert who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

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Total Tech Takeover


➤ [$416/month]

A Digital Systems & Website that Works for You!

Total Tech Takeover walks you through practical steps to scale and streamline your dance studio business. We work 1-on-1 with you to infuse your brand into the building of your digital tech systems that your studio can use year after year. Most importantly, the work is DONE-FOR-YOU by a tech expect. [This program requires the purchase of additional digital products]

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Studio Biz CEO Makeover






Dance Studio CEO Makeover

An incredible mastermind group that propels you into a Dance Studio CEO role. We will help move you though all the seasons of your studio owner journey, We are gong to transform you from studio operator to studio CEO and finally to studio LEGACY.

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Hire a tech expert who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

What is Total Tech 4 Dance Coaching like?

  • Weekly 20-min Sessions via Zoom or Google Meet.
  • We help you train you and your staff on your new systems.
  • We assist you in setting attainable goals in your studio business.
  • We are always coming back to you with ways to help you reach your goals.
  • We track your progress with quarterly review sessions.
  • We keep you motivated and focused!

How long until my website and systems are running?

It takes about 1-2 weeks to build your site, and then an additional 1-2 weeks of collaborating with you to complete the final changes and integrate the dance studio CRM (email series automations). 

Keep in mind, you are never "done" updating and creating systems in your studio. There is no "set it and forget it" strategy. A dance studio CEO is constantly creating and refining systems and its our pleasure to continue to help your studio grow. 

Does this work with my current studio software?

Absolutely! Dance studio management softwares generally don’t connect to any other tools but with our experience, we’ve been able to create custom connections with JackRabbit and Studio Director.

If you are using Dance Studio Pro, Akada, or another platform, we have made an easy way to connect. 

That being said, we are certain that over the experience with working with us, you will want to ditch your dance studio software and save a TON of money.

Is there a contract?

Our websites are subscription-based, much like Squarespace or Wix. If you decide to cancel your subscription with Total Tech 4 Dance, you still get to KEEP ALL OF YOUR WEBSITE & SYSTEMS. We work for YOU, everything we create and develop for you while in our program is STILL YOURS. We'd like you keep working with us, but you can break up with us at anytime - no questions asked. 

How many emails am I really automating?

Unlimited! The sky is the limit and we will help you every inch of the way.

Can I really afford this?

  • Yes!
  • Flawlessly connecting your website to your front dest and teaching staff = PRICELESS!
  • Creating your own unique curriculum and in-person/virtual delivery programs = PRICELESS!
  • Keeping families, teachers and staff informed via custom portals = PRICELESS!
  • Go from studio SLAVE to studio CEO = PRICELESS!