We Believe in You!

  • You are a great leader in the dance industry. 
  • You are not only here to inspire dancers, but to inspire your entire community. 
  • You have been put on this earth to change the world through dance. 

Our transformative program is:

Beautifully Designed: Our program is expertly curated to give you the best studio transformation possible.
Easy to Understand: We speak the language of dance! All of our content is rooted in real "in-studio examples". We don't use big intimidating "tech terms". You can expect simplicity and clarity when working with our tech experts.
Implemented for You: Your vision, mission and values will guide the entire process. Our tech experts are responsible, dedicated and committed to building and implementing every tech and marketing strategy for you.

Hire a tech expert who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

What if dance studio ownership could be simple, easy, and even fun?

We’ve been talking to a bunch of studio owners asking them about their feelings about reimagining their studio, making more money, and creating an amazing lifestyle. 

And many told us that currently, their studio feels like THIS:

❌ "Difficult."
❌ "Unfocused".
❌ "A far off dream."
❌ "Confusing, gimmicky, disconnected."
❌ "Uncomfortable."
❌ "Overwhelming."

But when asked to think about what their DREAM studio COULD feel like, We heard THIS:

✅ "Easy."
✅ "Predictable."
✅ "Consistent."
✅ "Fun."
✅ "Authentic."
✅ "Achievable."

And truth be told, we got SO EXCITED hearing their answers -- because we know first hand that it's possible to create a studio that looks and feels ALL those good juicy adjectives above.

And this is the exact transformation the TOTAL TECH TAKEOVER program is designed to help your studio make.

Look, we know it might sound crazy to say that dance studio ownership can be simple, easy, and even fun.

And if you're standing in that place of overwhelm & overall "UGH" about your studio - rest assured we can help you untangle all of that and make your studio feel like a dream!

Be a fearless female entrepreneur who CAN master TECHNOLOGY to make dance studio ownership simple, easy, and even fun!


Let us help you transform your studio by designing, building and implementing the systems and strategies you need to be the CEO of your company. 

Reimagine your studio and simplify your life, you can do it - we can help! 

Rebuild & redefine your website.
Streamline your online curriculum.
Increase your leads, referrals, reviews & testimonials.
Start your user friendly online dance-wear boutique.
Enhance your video marketing to engage your audience more.
Boost revenue with easy online scheduling of classes, camps, parties & rentals.
Systemize your staff search. Create a hiring habit and STOP hiring out of crises.
Untangle the recital process and create a simple and easy to use recital portal.
Have a virtual staff training system set in place with digital on-boarding.

Hire a tech expert who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

Is this program right for me?

We are RIGHT for you if:

✅ You want to overhaul your website.
✅ You want to create your in-house curriculum.
✅ You want to build a lead magnet for new students.
✅ You want to have a studio branded dance-wear/gift boutique. 
✅ You want to have stunning studio videos. 
✅ You want to schedule your time more effectively. 
✅ You want to make hiring a habit and attract the best staff.
✅ You want to create a recital portal for all things recital.
✅ You want to have a virtual staff training portal.

We are WRONG for you if:

❌ You love your website and don't want to build a new one.
❌ You love paying monthly fees for third party curriculum. 
❌ You love your new student lead magnet and welcome package.
❌ You love paying for a third party online dance wear store.
❌ You love your DYI video system.
❌ You love your current scheduling system. 
❌ You love your staffing systems and don't need any substitutes.
❌ You love your current recital handbook and systems. 
❌ You love in-person staff training. 

Hire a tech expert who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

Getting Started With Your
FREE Five-Hour Analysis!

Here are 12 areas we will review with you along with recommendations before getting started with our program:

1: Studio Schedule
2: Closest Competitors
3: Overall Revenue
4: Dance Uniform System
5: Website Software
6: Marketing System
7: Costume System
8: Event Planning Procedures
9: Enrollment Software
10: Company/Performance Group
11: Staff Systems
12: Evaluation & Reflection

Hire a tech expert who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

In Total Tech we DO:

✅ We DO help you find your "WHY".
✅ We DO help you build your curriculum.
✅ We DO help you create your dream job.
✅ We DO help you be a great leader.
✅ We DO help you inspire your dancers.
✅ We DO help you change the world with dance.

In Total Tech we DON'T:

❌ We DON'T offer a Facebook Group.
❌ We DON'T offer group coaching calls.
❌ We DON'T offer masterclasses.
❌ We DON'T offer accountability sessions.
❌ We DON'T offer tutorials/trainings. 
❌ We DON'T offer a "tribe". 

How does the program really work?

Introduction: We start each part by asking you to watch a short video on the topic.
Worksheet: We ask you to submit an online worksheet or provide your responses over the phone.
Design & Build: Your tech expert will design & build your system using the criteria discussed.
Progress: We will create the system. You will get to see the progress with weekly updates.
Perfecting & Corrections: You get to critique, make changes and ask questions util you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Want to know more about us?